“It’s No Fish Ye’re Buying–it’s Men’s Lives” – Sir Walter Scott
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The SeSAFE project

The SeSAFE project commenced in 2018 funded by the FRDC and the Australian fishing and aquaculture industry. The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness and improve safety performance in the fishing and aquaculture industry Australia wide.

Project Participants

Steve Eayrs is the project’s Principal Investigator responsible for delivery of project goals. The Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) is the industry body responsible for project administration. A project Steering Committee provides high level project guidance, particularly related to the cost-efficient and effective delivery of the LMS throughout the Australian fishing and aquaculture industry. The Steering Committee also serves to raise project awareness throughout industry, seek opportunities for project delivery to fishers and aquaculture workers, and seeks funding opportunities beyond the initial two-year period of funding.  Steering Committee members are:

  • Steve Eayrs – Smart Fishing Consulting
  • Clayton Nelson – Austral Fisheries
  • Alex Ogg – CEO WAFIC
  • Tanya Adams – Taylored Health and Safety
  • Michael Drake – AMSA National Operations Manager – Regions
  • Chris Battel – AMSA Liaison Officer
  • Chris Izzo- Senior Research Portfolio Manager


This project was initially supported by a $550k FRDC grant including a $250k cash contribution by Austral Fisheries. An in-kind contribution of $100k was also made by Austral Fisheries. We are also extremely grateful for a recent cash contribution of $100k by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.